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New Machine Installation

This new installation project was undertaken for Orthoplastics Ltd, Bacup, Lancashire in 2009. The client is one of only 2 companies in the world that process ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene from powder to solid (machinable) form for medical use in joint replacements. Powder is compressed in a meticulously clean environment, at up to 300 bar and 220 deg-C, to form 2m x 4m x 0.1m rectangular slabs each weighing nearly 800 kgm. Slabs are then cut to size for final machining.

Our role was to install and support commissioning of a 2nd Plastic Press of over 175 tons. The press consisted of 5-off vertical structural frames (0 shaped), 2-off horizontal mould/stamp assemblies, 10-off vertical hydraulic rams (with thrust-table) and a number of smaller components.

This task included the removal and replacement of sections of factory roof, use of a heavy (500 tonnes) crane to lower steel press components up to 25 tons each, work with supplier fitters to position/align components for final assembly and commissioning.

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