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Heavy Engine Removal, Relocation & Installation

This heavy engine removal, relocation and reinstallation project was undertaken for Mann B&W Diesels, Stockport, Greater Manchester in 2009. The client manufactures diesel engines and power plants for ship and power generation industries. We have maintained a long term working relationship with this client and have undertaken a range of projects over a period of more than 10 years.

Our role was to remove, relocate and reinstall, at another site, a 78 tonnes, MB430, 3-cylinder prototype engine. The engine was used for developing and demonstrating new and improved power system technology.

The task included use of a 200 tonnes jacking system and lifting gear to lift and lower the engine onto our 85 tonnes, 5-axle trailer. The engine was transported to another site where the jacking system and lifting gear was used to lift and lower the engine into its new position.

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